Fat activism sign.
Hey. I've been doing A LOT of work with Occupy Austin, although mostly from my home. Tomorrow, I will be out at the Occupation tomorrow for most of the day. I've been trying to think of a pertinent sign with a fat positive flavor for wearing tomorrow. Please, throw your ideas at me!

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Meh. I didn't complain about having to drive a car with expired inspection (required in Texas). I drove it to my necessary appointments, taking backroads  to avoid exceeding 55 mph, the point at which the car became a cheap sex motel massage bed. 

When it became clear it wasn't worth fixing to pass inspection, my sainted mother-in-law decided it was her turn to get a new car, and that left me with her '06 Corolla, which even with 105,000 miles on it is a good deal.

Tuesday morning she got into a wreck in her new car, and while she's okay...they say it will take until June 30th to fix her new car.

It's very frustrating to me, because if I have to rely on someone else for transportation, my anxiety goes through the roof. Also, most of my sense of independence and freedom is tied into having a ride of my own. I can't get out and do the things I'd like to do, and I get depressed being stuck at the house all day.

I felt pretty good when I woke up today around 11 am. Positive...cleaned a bit, and this news just drug me down...and I needed to vent.

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Writer's Block: So far so good

Going Underground by the Jam

Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic

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My Etsy shop!

I've now got the new LiveJournal Messenger.
I've now got the new LiveJournal Messenger. My Windows Live ID is patchworkcherry@livejournal.com. Sign up now and we can chat!

Clementine Pie!

A success! Needs tweaking on citrus, but is sweet, custardy, holds up.


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Next time, I would use a lot more zest. perhaps closer to 1/4 c of zest.


My first entry on this Live Journal Account.
I just basically wanted to say hi. And, I'm going to be creating and testing recipes to make a cookbook of my own and I think I'll be posting about my trials. So, if anybody has a favorite desert that they'd like a good recipe for, let me make it up! I will play in my kitchen until I perfect it, and if it was your suggestion, I'll mention you in liner notes or the equivalent thereof in a cookbook. I'm especially interested in creating alternatives to traditional dishes for people with food allergies or diabetes. (i.e. gluten-free, low carb or sugar free) Thanks!


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